TENA Men Premium Fit

Teraz ešte podobnejšie bežnej pánskej spodnej bielizni

Our most underwear-like pants for men ever

TENA Men Premium Fit Pants now look and feel even more like regular underwear, while still meeting men’s most important needs. They are ideal for men who care about their appearance, supporting them in feeling secure, confident and masculine.  

  • NEW breathable, flexible, cotton-feel material improves fit and comfort
  • NEW improved leg cut gives a more underwear-like look
  • NEW waistband, more integrated for a more masculine look
  • NEW reduced waist height improves discretion
  • Boosted Secure Absorption Zone gives extra security and locks in leaks
  • Integrated leakage barriers offer optimum security
  • Odour neutraliser for extra confidence
  • NEW back tag design
With TENA Men Premium Fit you can give men the most underwear-like solution, building your sales and customer loyalty

Product TENA Men Premium Fit

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Male continence wear is a growing market

1 in 4 men experience urine leakage issues, including drips and dribbles.[1] Of the 44 million men in Europe who live with the issue, 95% do not yet use purpose-made protection.[2] It’s estimated that 14 million men have urges and large leaks that may require the extra security of pants,[3] yet most men know little about the subject, and many are not aware that specific male products exist.[4]

Men want to feel masculine and attractive

Men over 50 who have moderate urine leakage often still care deeply about their appearance. They want protection that is discreet, that looks and feels just like underwear. They need a solution that will not compromise their masculinity or active lifestyle. And many need to be made aware that specially designed, discreet male products are available.

TENA – committed to your customers and your business

At TENA we provide the products your customers need and want, which helps your business grow. As well as improving TENA Men Premium Fit, we are also raising awareness of male urine leakage to drive more male customers to seek solutions from you.
  • Consumer campaign – including a TV commercial for maximum impact  
  • Bespoke website – educating and raising awareness about the issue of male urine leakage
  • Point of sale materials – to encourage and convince male customers to purchase solutions

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