Nová ponuka TENA Lady Slim

Naša nová ponuka je o 20 % tenšia a stále rovnako spoľahlivá. Takže je diskrétnejšia a zákazníčkami viac preferovaná.

A significant opportunity

1 in 3 women experience urine incontinence at some point in their life[1], but less than a quarter use the appropriate protection[2]. While these customers want to feel protected, they see incontinence protection as bulky and embarrassing, and need a solution that’s not only secure, but also discreet.

Meeting women's most important needs

At TENA, we understand your customers’ unique needs and we continuously evolve our products in order to meet these needs. That’s why New TENA Lady Discreet is now 20% thinner than before, but still just as secure – so you can offer your female customers total discretion as well as the leakage security they need.

A new solution that your customers will love

The new TENA Lady Discreet range has innovative features to give women security and discretion where it matters most.
Preferred by women for discretion, security, fit and appeal vs the current product.[4] Over 80% wanted to buy NEW TENA Lady Discreet after trying the products.[3]
  • microPROTEXTMtechnology for increased discretion with the same security
  • Feminine printdesign for enhanced femininity and reassurance
  • Body-shaped core for improved comfort and fit
  • New wrap for improved feminine appeal



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2Other solutions include female sanitary liners and products, medication, surgery, adding tissue and makeshift materials inside underwear, no solution; IPSOS Brand health tracking, users aged 35-45 years, US, FR, UK, DE, 2010. 
3NIELSEN Quant CUT Discreet Mini & Normal, Q1 2016 
4SCANDINFO - Quant pairwise product test (new vs current Normal) in FR, Q4 2015.